Marketing Strategies as Pandemic Eases

The COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on traditional means of doing business and communicating. There’s no doubt that it’s been a challenging season for businesses, marketers, and customers alike.


We at DPA Impact are keeping a close watch on the latest market research to best assist our customers with the most effective marketing strategies for their businesses as the pandemic eases.


We gleaned valuable marketing insights and trends from a recent survey of 356 senior-level marketers conducted by Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business (The 2021 CMO Survey).  This survey focused on digital investments, the impact of social and political demands, and shifting customer behavior over the past year.


  1. Marketing optimism is rebounding.


Widespread vaccination efforts and the reopening of activities and stores have contributed to an overall increase in marketers’ economic optimism. Of particular note to DPA Impact is the high percentage of marketing executives in the transportation sector whose optimism has significantly increased as the reopening economy continues to improve business.


  1. The importance of marketing is rising.


Customers are increasingly demanding a strong digital experience from businesses, which makes the role of marketing a key player for future growth. Patrons’ priorities include: customer experience, superior product quality, and trusting relationships.


  1. Digital marketing is a key pillar of pandemic success.


The pandemic forced customers to need a strong digital experience, so businesses shifted their resources to build better digital interfaces. As the pandemic eases, many of these businesses and organizations continue to expand their digital marketing capabilities. Website optimization has been the main focus.


DPA Impact excels in all areas of website design and development, as well as customer experience and functionality. We can help you optimize your digital media and improve your digital marketing skills to increase the effectiveness of your overall digital marketing.


  1. Marketers are still focused on the short term.


According to the survey, many marketers report that short-term marketing strategies have served them well during the pandemic. Those strategies will continue to be important opportunities for their businesses long-term, but the focus remains primarily on the present, i.e., retaining current customers and building brand value that connects with customers.


In summary, now is the time to revitalize your digital presence in the marketplace.


The DPA Impact team has decades of experience in marketing and business development. We are ready and able to scale your digital marketing efforts to meet these ever-changing customer expectations and demands.


Contact us today to learn how we can help you take advantage of these marketing strategies as the pandemic eases and your business increases.

Unleash Your Potential

Let DPA Impact help your company build a strong online brand presence.

Let DPA Impact help your company build a strong online brand presence.

Unleash Your Potential